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Happy Fridays: Welcoming the Fall Season!


1. The Nest shows 15 different and non-traditional ways to decorate your pumpkin this fall – we love these gilded place-card mini pumpkins, they would also look stunning at full size out on your porch!

2. Better Homes & Gardens has some great ideas for DIY Fall Wreaths – we think this white gourd centerpiece is so sophisticated!

3. This cozy scarf from Mod Cloth looks so warm and versatile – perfect for when the weather starts cooling down.

4. If Hot Apple Cider doesn’t say “Fall is Here!”, we don’t know what does. Try a new recipe this weekend! Your kids will love it.

5. Since school is in full-swing, be sure you have all of your To-Do’s organized in a pretty planner, like this one from Plum Paper Designs.


* For more fall inspiration (and upcoming Halloween inspiration!), be sure to visit NAPCP on Pinterest!

FREE Download: Drink Flags!

drink flags

To close out our fabulous birthday week we have one last FREE download for everyone! To compliment the tags from Monday, and the cards from Wednesday, today’s download is some super cute drink flags! We have included 2 color palettes, bold and pastel, and 2 different shapes so you can mix and match. They are a very easy accessory to incorporate into your next party so be sure to download the files below!

The files below should be printed on white sticker paper. You can typically get 8.5×11 white mailing labels (meant for large boxes) at any office supply store and those work perfectly. After printing just use scissors or an exacto to trim each flag out. Flag can go on fun straws, or even wooden dowels and be used as stirrers instead.

drink flags(bright)

drink flags(pastel)

We hope you have enjoyed our birthday week celebration! Thank you so much for an amazing 5 years…we cannot wait to see what the next 5 have in store!

DIY Gold Fringe Cake Topper!

Need a little extra sparkle for your next birthday celebration? Why not try this adorable gold, fringe cake topper! Easy and simple to make, and the perfect amount of glam to dress up even the plainest of cakes. Instructions below!


1 – Cardboard or thick cardstock

2 – thin wooden dowel

3 – metallic gold tissue paper

4 – scissors/double sided tape


The first step was to print off a number and trace it onto my backing material. I used an old fedex mailer, but you could use thick card stock as well. Another option would be a thin wooden number if your local craft store has one. Print the number close to the size you want it to be. I printed mine 3″ x 5″. Once traced, cut it out of the material you have chosen with scissors.


Cut strips from the gold tissue paper close to .5″ in width and 4″ in length. You will need 15-20 strips depending on the size of your number. On each strip cut vertical lines about 1/8″ apart across the entire bottom. Be careful to not cut to close to the top so it does not rip. They should look fringy now!


With double sided tape, cover the entire front of your number. I did mine with horizontal strips going the same direction the fringe would be going. Wrap excess tape around edges to the back.


Starting at the bottom, add layers of fringe. With each layer you will cover up a portion of the previous layer until you get to the top. Trim off any excess on the edges. If there is a thin section (like the neck of the 5) cut the fringe down first to make it a little easier to apply.


Use double stick tape to adhere the dowel to the back of the number. You could use hot glue here too if you want!

So easy! Let us know what you think of this fun DIY and post any questions in the comments below.

Tomorrow is the last day of our birthday celebration week so be sure to check back for some fun goodies on the blog.

Free Birthday Card Printables!

bday card2

We are on a roll this week and could not be more excited to share another free printable with our blog community! These adorable downloads are folded, 5×7 birthday cards perfect for a friend or loved one celebrating. Download one of the 2 designs with the corresponding links below. Remember, the outside line is for trimming, and the center line is for scoring so the card will fold in half! Also, with all printables we recommend you use a thicker card stock for printing.





DIY Birthday Cake Stand for under $10!

Continuing with our birthday week celebration, we have a fun little DIY on the blog today! This super easy project cost less then $10 to make and in total took less then an hour to assemble. It’s that easy! It’s also the perfect craft if you are in need of a way to display yummy bake goods. Directions below!



1 – Glass Plate (Dollar Store)

2 – Glass Candle Holder (Dollar Store)

3 – White Spray Paint (Krylon works great on glass and they sell the “Short Cuts” size for small projects)

4 – Strong Adhesive (I used Goop, but you could also use E-6000 or something similar)

cake stand2


First gather all your materials along with some newspaper or scrap paper to spray paint on. Be sure to spray paint either outside or with the windows/doors open has the fumes can be strong. Coat all sides of both the plate and the candle stick holder, allowing sections to dry before flipping either. Let it dry thoroughly! I spray painted my pieces and then mounted, although you could also mount and then spray…up to you!


With the plate now dry and facing down, coat the top rim of the candle stick holder with adhesive. Place in the center of the plate. I also put a heavy object on top of the candle holder to help the setting process. Again, allow the bond to dry! Do not remove or pick up too soon as the glue needs time to set.



Make something yummy to go on the cake stand! Also, you can find an acrylic spray to seal the stand, or simply be sure to create a barrier between the item and the top of the stand. I used wax paper, but you could also use a paper napkin or doily just to be safe.



Stay tuned for another fun DIY post this Thursday, along with free downloads and printables throughout the week!


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