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Photography Spotlight: iPhone Photography

iphonePhoto Credit | Christopher Wesser, Sandbox Studio Photography

The iPhone and other Smartphone devices are becoming an extremely powerful tool for the professional photographer or photography hobbyist. Smartphone cameras are ever-increasing in quality and usability; and with social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, taking pictures on the go is becoming a part of everyday life. As photographers, we believe these everyday, fleeting moments can be just as beautiful and well-captured as the images shot with our DSLR cameras, and we’ve put together a list of tips and helpful articles for making the most of your Smartphone camera.


1. Take a Skillshare class on Mobile Photography – here’s a great one to start with!

2. Use your iPhone in the same way you use your DSLR – look for good compositions, use the Rule of Thirds, and make sure you have great lighting.

3. You can use exposure on the iPhone as well – simply tap the screen on different subjects to expose to that area. Clicking on a bright window will underexpose the rest of the shot, while tapping a darker area will overexpose. Here is a great article with some good examples.

4. There are a number of great apps to use with Instagram, like Square Ready, which instantly formats photos for the square format without cropping out any important visual information.

5. Try new attachable hardware like Olloclip, an iPhone attachment that gives photos different effects like fisheye, wide angle, and macro lens.

6. Taking a little extra time to style your photos can make a big impact on your Instagram and on your business. Styling even everday shots can make them more interesting and more engaging. Here are a few Styling Tips from the Etsy Blog.

7. Check out this article on the HelloBee Blog, which gives a long, helpful list of all the iPhone Photography Apps you can use to get different photo effects.

8. Many times what we’re photographing (on the iPhone) are the people in our lives, and in NAPCP, a lot of times it’s our kids! Here’s a great article on getting the best pictures of your children.

9. Since much of iPhone photography results in sharing to Instagram, here is an informative article on Using Instagram to Grow Your Business.

10. And finally, once you’ve mastered all these iPhone photo tips and tricks and are ready to bring them off of your device, we highly recommend Artifact Uprising’s gorgeous Instagram-friendly books. These make a beautiful keepsake!

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What’s in Her Bag: Molly Garg!





What’s in Her Bag:

1. Nikon 610,  50 1.4 lens, and 35 2.0 lens.
2. Go smudge-free with the Nikon Lens pen Molly uses!
2. The iPhone is becoming such an essential part of our everyday “toolkit” – make sure it reflects your personality with a gorgeous case! We love these picks on Beauty & The Beard Blog.
3. Sometimes our genius ideas come when we’re least expecting it. Always have an ideas notebook in your bag! Molly’s awesome “Hey, Girl” Ryan Gosling Notebook is hilarious (and perfect).
4. Always, always business cards. We highly recommend the cards over at Did you know they come in squares now? Nifty!
5. If you’re photographing little ones, take a tip from Molly and have some rattles or playthings in your bag. We’re partial to this adorable Bee Rattle!
6. And last but not least, tuck it all away in a sturdy bag, like Molly’s Red LowPro Bag!

A very big THANK YOU to Molly for sharing her Bag with us! Be sure to check out Molly’s amazing work on her website and on Facebook!

Why You Should Consider Sharing a Creative Work Space with Local Artists

We start a creative business because we love creating.  We underestimate how much “stuff” comes along with running a business, and often, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and a tad bit lonely.  For the first six years of my business, the bulk of my office work had taken place in my home, alone (well, with a husband, two kids, and too many pets walking in and out of the room)


My workshops for local moms and indoor photo sessions were held in rented rooms in the community.  I spent a lot of time carrying equipment into my makeshift spaces, and too many emergency calls were made to my husband: I forgot a power cord at home, my keurig broke, I cannot get my projector to work, etc. How stressful!


I dreamed of my own space, but could not imagine the financial burden of running my own studio.

A local photographer invited me into his studio last summer, and my jaw dropped.  Huge windows, beautiful shootings spaces, a client meeting space, a prop closet, and space for desks!  He invited me to join the loft, along with another photographer.

After reviewing the rent specifications, I could only say yes.

I have learned a lot over the past nine months.  My time at the studio has been inspiring.


Three Reasons to Join a Studio with Creative Professionals

  1. Community:  It is lonely when you are in business by yourself. Liking your studio mates is key! Collaborate with people that you love.  It makes communicating much easier if you are comfortable.
  2. Education: We can all learn so much from each other! Consider joining with colleagues who have different specialties than you.  You will not be competing with each other and you will learn a lot from their varied experiences.
  3. Prestige without the Price Tag:  My current clients have been incredibly excited to check out my new space. New clients are impressed, and they often start an inquiry with similar wording to this, “I love your work and your studio looks AMAZING!!”
    You can control, the look, the ambiance, music, snacks, the temperature (this one alone is worth it’s weight in gold)!


Have you ever shared a studio? What worked for you? What tips would you add?

Happy Fridays: Back to School Organization


Back to School is such a busy time for you and your kids, and with everything going on, it’s important to stay organized. In that spirit, we’ve put together a few ideas to help keep your school year running smoothly.

1. With sports, extracurriculars, and weekend activities, we turn to for gorgeous Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners.

2. These printable, alphabet lunch box notes are adorable and smart.

3. With a few corkboards, frames, hooks, and marque letters, you can turn a cozy corner of your home into a tidy, organized homework and chore center. Here’s more inspiration.

4. NAPCP Designer Kristen created these amazing, customizable Morning Chore Charts to help your kiddos stay on track in the morning. Download them FREE at the NAPCP Store!

Finally, we’re always pinning to our board, “Staying Organized” with tons of great ideas, DIYs, and printables. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

Spotlight: Travel Photography

Wanderlust. That’s what some people call it. Whatever it is…most people would tell you that I certainly have it–an incurable desire to see the world. It might be inherited as my father certainly had it. Or, it might be something I picked up watching him travel to Asia often when I was a child. I was fortunate enough that my parents helped me see the world when I was younger. At 16 years of age, they encouraged me, and even helped organize, a trip to Europe with my Girl Guide troop. That trip sealed the deal for me. localsinhonduras In my 20’s this manifested in a constant need to move. When I met my husband and settled down, I knew that it would not end. I knew that I would want to take my children with me because travelling teaches you a great many things including the very important fact that despite all of our differences, people all across the world are essentially the same. Now, as a photographer, I enjoy travelling for the opportunity to photograph new places and cultures. When the NAPCP asked me what my top 5 things to photograph while I travelled were…I had to truly stop and think. I am NOT a landscape photographer. When I travel, I occasionally take the obligatory landscape shots, but they feel like just that–obligatory. So, what do I enjoy documenting on my travels? india16 #1) The food. It never used to feel like a cliche, but thanks to social media…it does now. But, it’s true…I love to take photographs of food in foreign countries. For example, every morning in Spain, I found myself eating the exact same breakfast. So, I have a series of photographs documenting my breakfasts in Spain. Or, the train food in India…or the frozen custard in Belize. In that case, I wanted very much to document the place where we bought it as well since it was a constant through our trip. india30   Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh) #2) Rituals or Festivals. I have even been known to plan an entire trip around the opportunity to participate in one–like Easter in Spain. But, often, there are local traditions or happenings that are usually more interesting than the ‘tourist spots’…I try to find those. While in Honduras recently, we made our driver take us to where the locals swim in the river. He was completely dumbfounded by our desire to want to do this, but it was one of the highlights of our trip. honduras_048 underwaterinhonduras   india32 #3)The Locals. A long while back, I took a workshop with Jesh de Rox and one of the exercises he made us do was to photograph a stranger. The caveat was we had to ask permission. It really stuck with me and is one of my favourite things to do while travelling. Of course, sometimes I skip the whole permission thing!india27 India06 #4) The unexpected. When I travel, I like to take risks in my work. I feel free to create whatever I want so I don’t like having limitations. Soooo…I recently purchased an underwater housing for one of my SLR’s allowing me to capture unique images in the water. I also ditch the rules so I will push my ISO and shoot at night–trying to capture the unique life that happens after the sun sets in the areas that I am visiting. _MG_9881 Belize_20130253 copy   india28 #5) Myself. And, lastly, I try to get myself in a couple of images. I am not usually someone who aims for an artistic self portrait…rather, I like casual photographs of myself. Selfies. Or, handing my camera to a companion to capture me. Or photographing my reflection or my shadow. But, I want proof that I was there because often I am nonexistent in my family photographs. indiaselfie indiaselfie2 And just a quick note to say that one thing I often think I should take but rarely do are those ‘typical toursity shots’…you know the ones of your kids standing beside signs. Sometimes I wonder if my kids are missing out because I don’t take those. Travel images aren’t for anyone but yourself and they should be a reminder of that time in your life. They don’t have to be perfect to be wonderfully enjoyable. Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh)   Check out these wonderful travel photographers and their work: Carl Zoch | Doug Shobbrook | Deb Schwedhelm | Gabe McClintock | Alpana Aras | Photography Concentrate | Joey L

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