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What’s in Her Bag: Elizabeth Seliga



What’s in Her Bag:

1. Camera: Nikon D610 with vertical grip stickers
2. Elizabeth has lots of lenses for different shots – we love it!
3. The 3 Cats Photo Mascot is adorable. So many cute options here if you work with little ones.
4. We love how prepared Elizabeth is with all of her accessories: Sekonic Light Meter, ND filters, Expodicsc, and a case of camera cards.
5. Yongnuo 622N-TX Controller, Yongnuo 622N Trigger, NikonSB800 HSS Flash, Yongnuo Speedlight YN 560-III.
6. Pack it all up in a Pelican 1510 Rolling case with Dividers!

Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s stunning work on her website, on Facebook, and on Instagram!

Spotlight: Tintype Photography

Tintype photographs were an extremely popular form of early photography. A tintype photograph is made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of iron, which is then coated with a dark lacquer or enamel and used as the tool for the photographic emulsion. It was used frequently in the 1860’s and 1870’s, first in photography studios, and then – because of its convenience and relatively fast developing exposure – by street vendors and sidewalk photographers. Tintype photographs could be produced dry, and the iron sheet served as the support, so photographs could be developed and handed to the customer in minutes.

tintype_ambrotype_lumiere_assignment_4Photo Credit | Lumiere Tintype, Austin TX

We absolutely love the work at Lumiere Tintype in Austin, TX; and they have a wonderful explanation of the photographic process for tintype:

“A metal plate is coated with collodion; a solution of guncotton, ether and alcohol. This forms a ‘skin’ over the plate, which is then sensitized to light by immersing it in a solution of silver nitrate.

After coating and sensitizing, the plate is loaded into the camera, and the exposure is made. We light the subject with short exposures of high intensity strobes, or longer exposures of daylight or CFL bulbs. Each image is completely unique, we are capturing the light and shadows as they hit the plate. There can be no adjustments, cropping, or enlargements once the plate is exposed.

The next step is to develop the plate in the darkroom. A ferrous sulphate solution is poured gently over the plate until the image appears. The plate is then fixed with a standard photographic fixative, which washes away the remaining silver particles and reveals our finished photograph.

After drying, the plate is heated over an alcohol lamp and coated with a warm varnish of gum sandarac, alcohol and lavender oil. This final step gives the plate an archival quality finish and a wonderful aroma of lavender.

With appropriate care, a tintype will serve as a true heirloom, and should outlive our descendants.”

Be sure to head over to Lumiere and check out their work! You can also follow along on Instagram or Facebook!

tintype_ambrotype_lumiere_assignment_5Photo Credit | Lumiere Tintype, Austin TX

There are several other photography studios practicing the art of tintype photography: Keliy Anderson-Staley in Chicago, Tin Machina in Los Angeles, and Riley MacLean Photography in North Carolina.

keliy1Photo Credit | Keliy Anderson-Staley

tinmachina1Photo Credit | Tin Machina

maclean1Photo Credit | Riley MacLean Photography

If you’re interested in digitally trying your hand at some tintype effects, there are several apps to help you out! Try apps Koloid and Hipstamatic to get these effects! Here at NAPCP, we are committed to bringing interesting, educational content to our readers and members, so if you do try some Tintype Photography of your own, be sure to tag us on Instagram or link us to your content in the comments! We’d love to see what you do!

What’s in Her Bag: Caitlin Domanico


What’s In Her Bag:

1. Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70mm lens, and Nikon SB-900 Speedlight.

2. These are super smart and handy to always have around! Grey Card and Lens Cloth.

3. We think Caitlin’s Gold iPhone 6 is super sleek – here are some pretty gold cases we found for under $50!

4. We also love Caitlin’s cute iPad skin! We love the pattern selection of iPad skins over at Society 6.

5. Every photographer should have a notebook for when genius ideas strike – may we suggest the beautiful indie-designed notebooks at

6. If you’re photographing little ones, check out these adorable Sing-a-ma-Jigs! Or invest in some colorful Egg Shakers.

7. Finally, pack it all up neatly (as well as those little extras, like first aid and lip gloss!) in a pretty Kelly Moore Libby Bag!


Thank you so much Caitlin for sharing your bag with us! You can find Caitlin’s work on her website, and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

NAPCP Exclusive Interview: Artifact Uprising and Jenna Walker

As an organization that is 100% focused on capturing the moments of our lives forever, we at NAPCP can relate to the core values of Artifact Uprising. A bright and beautiful company that supports the industry of photography, and they have been a huge supporter of our International Image Competition and search for the 2014 Photographer of the Year! You will love this interview with founder Jenna Walker!

1-Jenna-WalkerAll Images Credit | Artifact Uprising

NAPCP: We love the distinct style and beauty of the Artifact Uprising brand. Tell us about your core values, and how they have shaped your company.

Jenna Walker: It’s funny, when we set out to create this company – it was a side project. We were professional photographers – and for all practical purposes, had arrived at a place in life that felt great. However, there was this side of us that wanted to create something bigger than ourselves. We wanted to build something that could be an example to generations to come on what good business looks like. Because of this, we created different versions of this business over and over again – until our hearts felt aligned with our heads. What resulted? Products we believe in. This is why you see 100% post-consumer waste pages in our photobooks. This is why you see fallen Colorado beetle pine in our wood products. This is why we create products every person can make beautiful with their own photography. This is why we keep moving on – we remember that a great business is only as great as the passion behind us. To have real passion – you have to believe in what you are building. You have to believe in the parts with potential to be bigger than yourself.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

NAPCP: As we move forward in the digital age, with images overflowing on all of our devices, can you give us your best tips for choosing when and what to print?

JW: To me, the great images of our life are those that make us feel something. They aren’t necessarily pixel perfect. They don’t have perfect composition perhaps. But what they do have is emotion. These images make us remember a place, they remind you of the way a person makes you feel. They move you. They bring you back. My advice is to be ruthless in eliminating the images that don’t move you. Three images that tell the story of your life is so much more powerful than 300. Chose those 3 – and find ways to make them a part of your story for generations to come.

Wood Block + Prints

NAPCP: Your new website is stunning! We love how you have incorporated your tribe of followers in everything you do. What would you like to tell all of those people?

JW: This is a question that feels a bit emotionally overwhelming to be honest. The simple words, thank you. But the feeling is so much more. The honest truth is that this ENTIRE business was built by our community. It’s something that makes me feel so much gratitude toward the numerous people who don’t even realize what they’ve done. Because of this, we feel a tremendous sense of loyalty to our customers. It’s our job to be obsessive about adding value to their lives. It’s our job to give back in ways that we know how and to keep listening and building for the path ahead. I will never have enough words of gratitude for the photo community that has rallied behind us. You are simply amazing.

[signature] print

NAPCP: What part of your business has inspired you the most?

JW: I think one of the most inspiring things for us has been to create product with purpose across so many levels. For example, if you take our wood calendar product. The wood comes from our Colorado forests that have been ravaged by the pine beetle. The wood is then crafted by a local woodworker who is on a mission to turn this fallen wastewood into beauty. These planks are then sent to a non-profit whom works with developmentally disabled adults whom assemble the hardware. This provides meaningful employment and it’s amazing to see. And then photographers from around the world use this product to share their art and stories. When we look at the entire product creation process – we realize we have a chance to impact the world at every turn. Learning how to take responsibility for every turn of our product’s creation has been incredibly inspiring and continues to guide us into the future.

Postcard Pack

Instagram Friendly Softcover Book

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jenna Walker for taking the time to speak with us a little about Artifact Uprising and share her insights! Read more about Artifact Uprising here!

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