Our community is like no other. NAPCP is an association through which professional photographers come together to learn, grow, connect and support each other. Join us, and gain recognition by your peers through internationally recognized image competitions, contributions to our blog, and potential showcases in e-blasts, newsletters, and our flourishing monthly magazine, Inspired. Learn from some of the best child photographers in the industry through image critiques, NAPCP Gatherings, monthly marketing videos in our Private Member Community Group, and more. Who knows, you might find yourself a featured photographer or even Photographer of the Year. With NAPCP, the possibilities for your future are endless!

NAPCP grants membership to photographers who are dedicated to exhibiting quality images of children on a consistent basis. NAPCP members are expected to reflect exceptional skills in photography, originality and creativity, while promoting the honesty and spirit of the children they capture. NAPCP members should uphold the highest ethics and integrity within their business practices. If interested in becoming a NAPCP member, please click here to apply!


NAPCP’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive resources for professional child photographers, while creating a community of artists committed to growth in their skills, their craft, and their businesses. We believe that through NAPCP you will aspire, learn, network, and connect. It is our deepest wish that this growth will inspire you then to give back, and teach.

Membership Benefits Include (and are not limited to):

  Opportunity to be FEATURED as an award-winning professional child photographer through bi-annual NAPCP members-only image competitions. Consideration for NAPCP’s prestigious, internationally publicized Photographer of the Year award, through image competitions, community involvement, and more. NAPCP’s bi-annual competitions are scored by highly vetted, premier industry luminaries. Continue learning and elevate your photography through truly professional image critiques.  
  Full access to private NAPCP Member Community Group on Facebook, complete with searchable topics, on-going discussions, and more! This is also where Weekly Favorites selection happens! Enter your recent imagery into our themed weekly contests for a chance to be announced to the public as Weekly Favorites Winner on Facebook, Instagram, and in our Jubilate eblast. Share your success on your business Page with a custom Weekly Favorites Cover image designed by our team.  
  NAPCP is proud to present you with the opportunity to enter your printed work in our new, creatively focused Inspired by NAPCP Gallery Event. This print competition features fine art categories, experienced judges representing an array of photographic styles, and a public gallery reception. Winners are celebrated with press, and media from NAPCP and our event partners and sponsors. Explore your creativity in new ways and advance your skills.  
  Dedicated resources for professional child and family photographers: Facebook Live Marketing Mondays, expert articles, tutorials, meeting potential mentors through the Member Community and in-person events, product reviews and member-exclusive service trials, NAPCP Ambassador program and NAPCP Gatherings, education documents and tools available only to NAPCP members, all involving the most sought-after photographers and experts from around the world.  
  Listing in NAPCP’s Directory — a professionally maintained directory for both parents and the photography community. A direct link to web-based portfolio, and inclusion in NAPCP’s member blog roll. Opportunity to be the feature photographer in our monthly magazine, Inspired (now available in print!). These beautifully bound issues are the perfect addition to an office or studio, and offer a talking point showcasing your industry prestige.  
  Hundreds of dollars in members-only vendor discounts, constantly evolving and updating to meet the needs of our members. Private Member Community Group-exclusive giveaways. Special offers and gifts through our weekly eblast Jubilate, monthly Inspired magazine, and much more!  

Here for you to enjoy (and learn from!) are a couple of looks at our member exclusive videos. The full library is included with your annual NAPCP membership!

Pitching to the Media with Alice Park
The process of pitching to the media is a science. If you’re interested in getting published more in the press, being featured as an artist or an expert in your area, or looking for more outlets to pick up your recent Image Competition wins, tune in for this segment. Alice Park discusses how she specifically pitches to the press, the rules to it, and what she’s learned over the last 10 years.

The Business of a Win with Jennifer Kapala
So you won…now what? Jennifer Kapala is this year’s NAPCP Photographer of the Year and an industry mentor and business coach. In this interview, Jennifer takes us behind the scenes of her process and shares with our members all of the hard work and persistence that she implements to turn her wins into even bigger opportunities for her business. I asked her for tips on generating publicity and for advice for our members that want to capitalize on an achievement.

Like what you saw above? We still have one more free gift we’d like you to have! Fill out the form below to receive a link to download the PR Media Toolkit Alice discussed in her video for absolutely FREE! We hope it helps you grow your business in ways you never thought imaginable.

NAPCP membership is for individuals and/or studio businesses dedicated to child portraiture.

NAPCP membership is granted through a rolling application process. A $25 NON-REFUNDABLE Application Fee must accompany the application. Applicants that are awarded membership into NAPCP will then be given 2 weeks to complete the Membership process.

WEBSITE: NAPCP members must maintain an up-to-date and professional web site that exhibits their work as a children photographer. Member web sites must be completely functional, easy to navigate and be clean in look and design

MEMBERSHIP FEE: Initial Membership fee is $200, however if payment is made within two weeks of acceptance your $25 application fee will be credited toward your membership fee for a total due of only $175. Each year, renewal membership dues of $175 will apply.

Membership fees include full access to NAPCP Forums, listing in our Photographer’s Directory with a direct link to your web-based portfolio, NAPCP Image Competitions, Vendor Discounts, and access to any other members-only site pages.

DIRECTORY LISTING FEE: $25. NAPCP members that agree to link their website with HYPERLINK www.napcp.com and include our NAPCP logo will be waived this fee.