Guidelines for Submitting to the Blog

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another
mind than the one where they sprang up.”

― Oliver Wendell Holmes

The NAPCP blog is the central source of inspiration and connection for portrait and child photographers. In a single, visually stimulating place, NAPCP members can effectively showcase their skill and creativity for prospective clients and we’d love to feature you! Please make sure to read through the full submission guidelines below before submitting your content for consideration.

There are many ways to contribute to the NAPCP blog. Please choose from the options below and review the specifications for submission. If you’d like to see other ways you can contribute to the NAPCP community, please click here. For questions regarding your feature, please email [email protected].


When submitting an article be sure to include the proposed text and 3-5 images to accompany your post. If you feel the article requires more then 5 images you are welcome to send additional photos. If you are interested in submitting an article but would like a list of current suggested topics please email us at [email protected].


When submitting for either a stylized shoot or an event share be sure to include a brief description with any relevant details or information about the session for readers. This can be the inspiration behind the shoot/event, special did bits and behind the scenes notes. Also be sure to include a list of any collaborators featured in the photos (designers, artists, stylists, etc).


Session shares should be submitted with a minimum of 8-12 photos and accompanied by the following completed survey:

1. Inspiration
2. Favorite Element
3. Biggest Challenge
4. Final Thoughts

If you are not a NAPCP member and interested in contributing let us know. You will receive a follow up email once we have received your submission. If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us!

  1. All blog posts will be contributed by NAPCP Members or occasional Guest Contributors
  2. Posts cannot be written with sole intention of self-promotion
  3. We are looking for articles that:
    • Educate others about our unique industry
    • Educate other photographers about new and exciting tricks or tips
    • Provide fresh and fun content that engages our readers
  4. Photos must be of EXCELLENT quality and should be submitted based on the following:
    • resolution of 72dpi
    • 2000px along the longest edge
    • please save images for web when possible
    • no logos or watermarks
    • no borders (images bleed to the full size)
    • vertical images should be paired together (if sent separately we will pair them)
  5. When submitting be sure to include a suggested title for your post

Ready to submit?

If you’ve reviewed the information above and you are ready to submit your article, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

What type of article are you submitting?

All submissions should be labeled with your name and the title of your article (i.e. - JaneDoe_BeachSessionShare1.jpg), must be 2000PX wide (or two verticals put together to be this wide), and must be smaller than 32MB.