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    Erin McMannessErin McManness

    Summer Vacation Round-Up!

    July 31, 2014 | Posted by Erin McManness | filed in: Fun Essentials, Photography

    As the end of summer draws near, and kids gear up for school to start once again, we asked our members to share some images that highlight the fun of vacation.  And oh what fun they had!  We hope you delight in seeing all the smiling faces (some are even iPhone pictures), and remember to use whatever camera you have with you to capture your special moments before summer is over!

    And if you are looking for a great place to print beautiful, unique prints and photo books, Artifact Uprising is one of our favorites!

    Abbe McCracken Wild Dunes 2014_008 Abbe McCracken Wild Dunes 2014_005 Abbe McCracken Wild Dunes 2014_002

    Photo Credit: Abbe McCracken Photography

    Kim Busby 2 Kim Busby 1

    Photo Credit: Kim Busby Photography

    KellyDyar_AmerinePhotography_Vacation-5 KellyDyar_AmerinePhotography_Vacation-8

    Photo Credit: Kelly Dyar | Amerine Photography

    Melissa Grooters_Family Vacation

    Photo Credit: Melissa Ann Photography

    ClariceHendel1 ClariceHendel2

    Photo Credit: Studio Cee

    julie-campbell-(2) julie-campbell

    Photo Credit: Julie Campbell Photography

    TinaKraftsVacation2 TinaKraftsvacation1

    Photo Credit: Tina Krafts Photography

    DCIM101GOPRO maggiewendel_03 DCIM101GOPRO

     Photo Credit: Maggie Wendel Photography

    Miami -463 low Miami454 low

    Photo Credit: Trudy Elder Photography

    Tracy Cepelak_Vacation Photo_1 Tracy Cepelak_Vacation Photo_2

     Photo Credit: Tracy Lynn Photography


    Photo Credit: Crystal Wilkerson Photography

    Jenna Stoll - Songbird Photography

    Photo Credit: Jenna Stoll | Songbird Photography

    55Becky-Keller 56Becky-Keller 57Becky-Keller

     Photo Credit: Rebecca Keller Photography


    Photo Credit: Melissa Avey Photography

    Carolyn_Ann_Ryan_0096 Carolyn_Ann_Ryan_0114 Carolyn_Ann_Ryan_0305

    Photo Credit: Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography

    QY2A8198 QY2A8313

    Photo Credit: Stephanie Redcher Photography

    LerinWhiteWheeless003 LerinWhiteWheeless002 LerinWhiteWheeless001

    Photo Credit: Lerin Photogaphy

    HeatherBakerJuly30(4) HeatherBakerJuly30(3) HeatherBakerJuly30(1)

    Photo Credit: Close Your Eyes Photography

    Mandy-Blake-2014-Vacation-4 Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

    Photo Credit: Mandy Blake Photography


    Photo Credit: Lisa Phillipson Photography

    Lisa Durocher- vacation photo

    Photo Credit: Lisa Durocher Photography

    caitlindomanicohorizontal-1 caitlindomanico-2

    Photo Credit: Caitlin Domanico Photography

    Gina CoopermanGina Cooperman

    A Little Backyard Magic

    July 28, 2014 | Posted by Gina Cooperman | filed in: Helpful Articles, Photography, Session Shares

    Summer is a time for being outside, having fun, and finding adventure. As a mom of twins, I’m constantly looking for ways to keep my kids active and happy during these months home from school. As a photographer, I’m constantly looking for activities that will be fun for them but also great opportunities for me to capture a little of that childhood wonder.

    It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of spending exorbitant sums of money to visit the latest and greatest amusement park or, even more so, a five-star vacation. But, the reality is, most families today simply can’t afford those luxuries. And, the reality is, we don’t need those things to make little magic. The best part of summer is being able to get outside and explore what’s right around us. This is especially true if you live in a place like I do, that is cold 7 months out of the year!

    This summer, it’s been my focus with my kids, to find adventure right in our own backyard. When capturing photos of my kids (or my clients’ kids), the single best piece of advice I can offer is to just let them be. But, the real Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo happens when I can capture moments with what’s right around us…when my/your/our kids are just being kids.

    Cooperman_1 (1)

    Allow them time to explore their backyard treehouse…Let them get dirty…Let them enjoy the sunshine. Here, my son explicitly ignored my request that he leave the dirt on the ground and the toys indoors. But, you know what? He was right. It was way more fun to mix all three together! And, I ended up with one of my two favorite images so far this summer!


    My daughter is an odd mix of fairy princess and bug investigator. Every time she comes at me with a night crawler, I go running. But, when she wants to have a “magical glitter fight”? Heck yes! This was one of those days when she wanted to be a fairy princess but declared that all fairies need pixie dust! I mean, what fairy worth her salt doesn’t have fairy dust?!

    Cooperman_3a (1)

    Cooperman_3b (1)

    If you’re lucky enough to have a pool (or some body of water in your backyard) then you have hit the jackpot, my friends! We’re incredibly lucky that we do have access to such a summer staple, and we take advantage of it almost every day. (Confession: my underwater camera & housing have seen more action recently than my big camera). But, you don’t need a fancy camera or expensive underwater housing in order to capture the fun and adventure that a day spent in water will bring. There are plenty of good underwater point & shoots on the market today that make water photography accessible to virtually everyone!

    Cooperman_4 (1)

    When you’ve toweled off and just need a little diversion on dry land, pretend play is a great way to have a little fun at home. My son asked to have a zoo safari outside, so we broke out their animal masks (which were, admittedly, a splurge) and headed out after dinner. I was the zookeeper and the kids were, very fittingly, the animals. I’m not normally one for props in photos, but I do love to use the things my kids love in order to capture the magic of their personalities! And, Wyatt LOVES his yellow giraffe mask…

    Cooperman_5 (1)

    Let’s face it, sometimes oldies are goodies for a reason. Who doesn’t love bubbles?!?! I will say that I got tired of constantly blowing bubbles and then my husband got irritated when I kept asking him to blow bubbles so I could get a few shots of the kids. (No bubble-blowing whilst holding the big camera) So, the simple bubble machine I bought this spring was quite possibly the very best $15 I ever spent! My kids are endlessly entertained; my hands are freed up, and then sometimes I get an image like this! While it’s not particularly new, this image is one of my very favorites. Adventures and magic don’t always have to involve something new. Sometimes it’s as simple as a backyard bubble chase with a favorite stuffed friend to spark the fun.

    Cooperman_6 (1)

    This summer has been one of change for our backyard. We transitioned from toddler toys to the real big kid treehouse & swing set seen in the first photograph. My kids are incredibly lucky to have grandparents who spoil them with these things. This particular sandbox was one of the things that we removed to make room for the new swing set, and this is one of my last images of the kids and their ever-present sidekick playing in it. Adventure brought to you by sand. Here, they started looking for pirate treasure and ended with making “cakes” for the tea party. Childhood is all about make believe…and make believe is magical. And, if you’re able to incorporate the favorite family pet into the mix? Gold!

    So, this summer, get outside and enjoy your own backyard! There’s magic and adventure to be found everywhere, no matter how simple or small. You just have to look for it!



    Crystal JamesCrystal James

    With the Image Competition in full swing, we asked our judges to share some of their expertise with our members for submitting the very best images.  Here is some excellent advice from Tim Walden:

    When evaluating photography I like to compare it to standing on two legs. As we stand equally on our two legs, they keep us balanced and  strong. If we stand on one leg, we easily lose our balance and tumble. Similarly, in photography we must stand on two legs. Those legs are technical excellence and creative artistry. Creative artistry will define you as an artist, provide uniqueness and a special place among other artists. It’s how your work will be remembered.  However, your imagery must also be technically excellent or you’ll find it’s a facade and it will crumble.

    So, with that said, I look for four pillars which are all cornerstones of a great image; two of them on the technical side and two on the creative. On the technical side, I look  first for beautiful lighting that draws you to the subject and features them. Lighting that enhances the mood and never distracts by being too contrasty or too flat is perfect. Lighting can, and should, provide depth and help us to feature the textures and shapes in our photographs.


    Next, would be the pose. I use this term even for non‐posed images (or candids) and it speaks more to the arrangement of the subject(s) and can either flatter or distort them. A perfect pose or perfectly timed candid will support the expression, the environment and mood the maker desired while always making the subject look their best.



    On the creative side I look at the composition of the image. Is it unique? Maybe long and thin to be different or square because this fits the environment and elements in the image. Does the composition help share the message of the maker? The composition is critic to the story. What parts you leave out and what parts you include are important decisions when composing the perfect photograph.


    Finally, I evaluate the mood and emotion of the image. This is, to me, the most critical element as it causes the viewer to linger, to draw conclusions and to see the depth of the story in front of them. It can be in a mother’s touch, the closed eyes of a dad embracing his child and in the expression(s) of each person included as they must fit the mood. Mood is the magic that take s a nice image, an image with technical excellence, and places it above and beyond the others. Did you leave the viewer of your image different than the way you found them when they stop to see your photograph?



    Crystal JamesCrystal James

    Photographer of the Year – Prize Package!

    July 22, 2014 | Posted by Crystal James | filed in: NAPCP News, Photography

    As NAPCP continues to grow, one of our most important goals is to celebrate the success of our members.  The International Image Competition (going on now) is one of the many ways we do this, and this year there is even MORE to get excited about!

    We have worked closely with our vendor partners to create an incredible prize package for the 2014 Photographer of the Year.  Not only will the winner of this prestigious title be rewarded with Lifetime Membership to NAPCP, tons of press and social media coverage, and an exclusive Seal of Distinction; but they will also receive over $3,000 in prizes from our vendor partners.  As an additional bonus, Triple Scoop Music will be awarding ALL winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place) from each competition with one complimentary song license, and Fotostrap will offer complimentary monogramming on any camera strap.

    The 2014 Photographer of the Year will be chosen based on cumulative points from winning images in both competitions.  Visit our Photographer of the Year website for more details.


    Could you be the next winner?

    Kristen the designerKristen the designer

    July 2014 Newsletter!

    July 22, 2014 | Posted by Kristen Smith | filed in: Member Spotlights, NAPCP News

    July Newsletter cover

    Click here to read or July 2014 Newsletter!


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