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    Caitlin DomanicoCaitlin Domanico

    Why You Should Consider Sharing a Creative Work Space with Local Artists

    September 18, 2014 | Posted by Caitlin Domanico | filed in: Helpful Articles, Photography

    We start a creative business because we love creating.  We underestimate how much “stuff” comes along with running a business, and often, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and a tad bit lonely.  For the first six years of my business, the bulk of my office work had taken place in my home, alone (well, with a husband, two kids, and too many pets walking in and out of the room)


    My workshops for local moms and indoor photo sessions were held in rented rooms in the community.  I spent a lot of time carrying equipment into my makeshift spaces, and too many emergency calls were made to my husband: I forgot a power cord at home, my keurig broke, I cannot get my projector to work, etc. How stressful!


    I dreamed of my own space, but could not imagine the financial burden of running my own studio.

    A local photographer invited me into his studio last summer, and my jaw dropped.  Huge windows, beautiful shootings spaces, a client meeting space, a prop closet, and space for desks!  He invited me to join the loft, along with another photographer.

    After reviewing the rent specifications, I could only say yes.

    I have learned a lot over the past nine months.  My time at the studio has been inspiring.


    Three Reasons to Join a Studio with Creative Professionals

    1. Community:  It is lonely when you are in business by yourself. Liking your studio mates is key! Collaborate with people that you love.  It makes communicating much easier if you are comfortable.
    2. Education: We can all learn so much from each other! Consider joining with colleagues who have different specialties than you.  You will not be competing with each other and you will learn a lot from their varied experiences.
    3. Prestige without the Price Tag:  My current clients have been incredibly excited to check out my new space. New clients are impressed, and they often start an inquiry with similar wording to this, “I love your work and your studio looks AMAZING!!”
      You can control, the look, the ambiance, music, snacks, the temperature (this one alone is worth it’s weight in gold)!


    Have you ever shared a studio? What worked for you? What tips would you add?

    Erin McMannessErin McManness

    What’s in Her Bag: Rya Duncklee

    September 17, 2014 | Posted by Erin McManness | filed in: Fun Essentials, Photography

    What’s in Her Bag: 

    1. We love the classic, professional look of Kate Spade bags!
    2. Pictured above is Rya’s Kelly Moore Bag Insert – genius organization.
    3. Check out the Nikon D4 and its 35mm f/1.4 lens.
    4. Having your iPhone for those quick, fleeting moments is always helpful – check out some gorgeous wallpapers for your phone here.
    5. Rya shoots in Florida, where there is rain and sand all the time, so this Rocket Air Blaster and Gear Rain Jacket is a must-have!
    6. The ExpoDisc is an easy way to adjust light balance… check it out here!
    7. Always carry extra business cards and a pretty journal for inspiration!

    Be sure to check out Rya’s beautiful work on her website and on Facebook!

    Erin McMannessErin McManness

    Countdown to Whistler: 4 Months!

    September 17, 2014 | Posted by Erin McManness | filed in: NAPCP News


    The 2015 NAPCP Retreat to Whistler, British Columbia is only 4 months away! As we count down the months (weeks, days, hours, seconds!!) to this life-changing and inspiring event, we’ve put together a little To Do List with more fun things to do in Whistler! Be sure to also check out our dedicated Pinterest Board for wintery inspiration!

    1. Take a Gondola ride from Peak to Peak and see the glaciers and wildlife of Whistler.
    2. Warm up with a mug of hot chocolate after a day in the snow. Here’s a delicious, adults-only recipe!
    3. Visit the Whistler Museum – if you’re bringing your family, ask about the Scavenger Hunt for kids.
    4. Lost Lake looks absolutely gorgeous, and travelers have noted its beautiful views and the easy walking path.

    Don’t forget! September 30th is the LAST DAY for the payment plan pricing! We love offering this affordable option to our photographers and their families. But don’t wait – spots are filling up and after September 30th, Retreat Registration will be full price. Register now!

    Melissa AveyMelissa Avey

    Session Share: Melissa Avey Photography

    September 15, 2014 | Posted by Melissa Avey | filed in: Photography, Session Shares

    I had so much fun with this family here in Cambridge and I am so happy with how the images turned out. This Mama actually found me on Facebook (see, Social media marketing DOES work!). We chose a great spot near the Grand River in Cambridge for a relaxed maternity and family portrait session. I absolutely loved their style and Mama’s incredible hair! The little guy actually had a fall right when I showed up but we were lucky that it wasn’t a bad one and nothing a little photoshop couldn’t fix! It was so hot that day that the local vendors had no ice so Dad bought a can of soda to help out his little guy. I loved watching them interact with each other, throw rocks, have cuddles and just enjoy a beautiful summer day.

    avey2a avey5a avey10a

    1) Inspiration My inspiration for the session was really them. I needed a place that wouldn’t just serve as a nice backdrop but somewhere that the family would have a genuinely good experience and really enjoy their session.

    avey18a avey17a avey16a

    2) Favorite Element The ducks in the water! Stones for skipping. Oh, and a beautiful mother glowing from pregnancy!

    avey14a avey13a avey12a avey11a

    3) Biggest Challenge When the little guy fell we were a bit worried but he perked up after a few minutes and on with the session we went.

    avey8a avey7a avey6a

    4) Final Thoughts I really love having natural sessions. It’s so fun to be artistic and try cool locations but I think in family photography that it is really important to consider who they are and what they love so that you can really create images from memories and that has the most impact. Professional photography can look great but ten years up the road I think they will love being able to talk about the day when the little guy was throwing rocks and chasing ducks as well!

    avey9a avey1

    Erin McMannessErin McManness

    Happy Fridays: Kids Room Inspiration

    September 11, 2014 | Posted by Erin McManness | filed in: Decor, Fun Essentials



    The start of school is the perfect time to recommit to organization, but it’s also the perfect time to breath fresh life into your kid’s space! Whether it’s their bedroom or their homework nook, we’ve got some fun inspiration for you straight from the NAPCP Pinterest!

    1. These brightly colored desks and playful prints make the space look so inviting and fun!

    2. We love these cloud and rain decals paired with the floating crate shelves – so cute!!

    3. This inspirational art print is a wonderful addition to your kids’ space.

    4. We’re head over heels for this mega adorable handmade kitten pillow!

    5. If you’re not sure what to do to display all your kids’ artwork, try this easy DIY: scan in the artwork, print it small and arrange the prints in a single frame! This would be a really cute idea for the holidays.

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