Meet the NAPCP Team

A dedicated team of individuals who love what they do.


Alice & Kyu Park

Founders/CEO/Creative Director

Alice is a passionate creative who loves photographing childhood, planning meaningful events, and dreaming big. Kyu is a an entrepreneur who believes in living a life full of integrity and serving others. Since starting Alice Park Photography in 2006, Alice and Kyu’s business has blossomed into one of the premier boutique studios in Buckhead and the Atlanta area. They consider themselves to be especially blessed having the freedom to run a business they love while raising their two young children, Lyon and Elise.

In 2009, the couple’s love for the photography industry sparked them to create the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) – bringing together a community of passionate artists committed to growth in their craft and this unique industry. The thriving organization is their way of giving back to the global network of specialized child photographers that have supported Alice and Kyu so kindly over the years.

My philosophy is:
Live of a life of integrity, meaning and love. (Both)

I prefer not to share my:
Weight! (Alice)

I know I shouldn’t, but I still love to:
Rock my babies to sleep. Best thing ever. (Alice)

I can’t live without:
Our two children. (Both)

Story books that contain lots of “Mooooo’s” and “Quack Quack’s” currently! (Both)

Laughing hysterically to Jimmy Fallon (Alice)

Eating/drinking too much:
coffee. (Both)

My favorite quote is:
“The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.” – Fabienne Fredrickson


Deanne Mroz

Chief Creative Officer

Deanne is a Chicago based designer and photographer. In 2005, she graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BFA in Visual Communication. Before joining the NAPCP team in 2016, Deanne worked in advertising, honing her skills in web, print, motion graphics, and email marketing. In 2010, she purchased her first DSLR and dedicated herself to learning as much as she could about photography (which she was always passionate about but never pursued). Later that year, Deanne started Deanne Mroz Photography and began photographing families and children professionally.

After she was laid off from her “real job” in 2015, Deanne took the opportunity to pursue her dreams and embarked on a never-ending journey of self-employment. In 2018, Deanne began moderating for Shoot Along, a community where she helped new photographers learn to use their DSLRs to capture those important moments in life and take better photos of their kids. She loved seeing the students grow throughout the year! Deanne now works as Chief Creative Officer for NAPCP, where she brings together her love for photography and design to help other professional portrait and child photographers learn more and grow their businesses.  She also continues to do freelance design work and photograph families and children in her spare time.

5 Fun Facts About Me:

1. In 2010, I was the Grand Prize Winner of the Amazon Kindle Commercial Contest, an internationally recognized achievement through which I won $15K in Amazon gift cards. This was a turning point in my life, and the reason I purchased my first DSLR and began my photography journey.

2. I LOVE oil painting. The smell of the paint & turpentine makes me so happy. I don’t have time to paint anymore, but I used to spend hours and hours painting large landscapes. Although my studio has since turned into an office, I plan to take up oil painting again some day.

3. I love to document my life. Videos, iPhone photos, through the lens of my DSLR … it doesn’t really matter! I have participated in many 365 projects and other photo challenges throughout the last 12 years and looking back at the beautiful art that was created during these times always puts a smile on my face. These photos only continue to gain value as time goes on.

4. My biggest love outside of photography is poster art. I have been working a side project creating a number of exclusive posters to sell throughout the last year and I can’t wait to release these into the world!

5. I have three children – Augie (11), Ari (7) and Miles (3). Our house is continuous crazy mess of emotions and noise, but I would still tell anyone who asks me if they should have 3 kids to do it. That third personality brings so much extra joy to an already beautiful mess and we would not want to live without him.


Erika Holifield

Head of Community

Meet Erika, a Southern California native who traded the golden coast for the warm embrace of the South.

Erika’s journey into photography started in high school, where her love for storytelling through the lens blossomed. She was a part of her high school yearbook committee which sparked a passion for photography that would forever shape her future.

Today, Erika finds herself living her dream as the Head of Community for NAPCP and running her own photography business in Fort Mill, SC. Her role with NAPCP is a testament to her unwavering commitment to support and uplift fellow photographers in their business and creative journeys. She takes immense joy in being an integral part of this community and has made numerous friendships that will last a lifetime.

Beyond the camera, She is a mother of three, a DIY enthusiast and wife to her college sweetheart, Tony.

5 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I love Diet Coke! I drink it daily as a midday pick-me-up. But, don’t worry- I also drink plenty of water every day to offset the amount of caffeine I drink to keep me going every day.

2. Without a doubt, Mexican is my favorite food! Growing up with my parents owned their own restaurant and my grandmothers’ cooking was out of this world! It’s extremely hard for me to find and local spots here in the Carolinas that even come close to the Southern California Mexican food that I’m accustomed to. IYKYK.

3. I can’t leave home without my cellphone, gum and lipgloss. I feel completely disconnected when I do not have my phone on me (which can be nice at times), but I try to never leave home without it. I also always carry gum and lipgloss in my purse at all times. As long as I have fresh breath and some color on my lips I feel confident enough to engage in conversation with anyone. Which is why I never leave home without them!

4. My friends would describe me as a cross between Martha Stewart and Joanna Gaines. Like Martha, I love crafting and curating, infusing creativity into every aspect of my life. Meanwhile, I channel my inner Joanna Gaines, by transforming spaces in my own home. When I don’t have a camera in my hands you can find me with some sort of power tool, working on a DIY home project.

5. I’m a first-generation Mexican American who had the incredible opportunity to play Division I field hockey at the University of Michigan. I hold this experience close to my heart and will forever cherish it. The combination of playing sports and pursuing my college education is a cornerstone of my journey, and I’ll always appreciate it as a pivotal experience that helped shape my life.


Maddie Boarman

Social Media & Partnerships Manager

Maddie is a Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur with a passion for art of all forms. As a lifelong Kentuckian, she’s grown to find beauty in nature and embrace it any way she can.
Maddie has always enjoyed all creativity anywhere from crafting, sewing, doodling, and sometimes photography. During the Pandemic in 2020, she began to spend more time outdoors and decided to start packing her camera along with her to see what she could capture. After a few hikes and outdoor walks, she began to find joy in the little things in nature such as bugs, birds, and budding wildflowers. After this discovery, visual art became a passion of hers!
Also in 2020, Maddie’s mom, Jessica, started a blog and asked her to help with the marketing of her writing on social media platforms and this quickly became a calling for Maddie. Through word of mouth, she began picking up a few other projects which ultimately inspired Maddie to start her own Creative Agency, Social Design Company. Through SDCo. she specializes in graphic design, website design, and product photography.
In 2023, she graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in Digital and Mass Communication.
Maddie is the Social Media & Partnerships Manager for NAPCP, where she brings her passion for visual art and digital marketing to keep NAPCP members up-to-date and build lasting relationships within the community. She continues doing freelance work wherever she can and loves collaborating with other like-minded business owners!

5 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I am an only child & my mom is best friend. She has helped me become the person I am today and I am so grateful for all the sacrifices she and my dad have made to help me succeed! She has always encouraged me to chase after my dreams.

2. I graduated high school with both my diploma and associate degree. School has always been fun to me so I believe I will always be a lifelong student!

3. My education path started out in the medical field. I wanted to be a Doctor or Physician Associate (PA) but ended up on the Dietetics track. Chemistry 105 quickly changed my mind. As I struggled to get by in Intro to Chemistry, I decided I needed to pursue something different. I decided to pivot and I love what I do now and wouldn’t change it for the world!

4. My friends consider me a bit of a health nut. I am always looking for the next best healthy recipe to try and love learning about vitamins and how food can be medicine. (This must explain why I was so drawn to Dietetics). I try to workout twice a day and love Yoga and my afternoon walks outside in the sunshine!

5. I’m a crazy plant lady! Seriously… I probably have more plants than I do pieces of furniture in my home. When I’m not buying new plants, I am splitting and propagating my current ones to multiply my green friends! The easiest way to my heart is anything that’s green and comes from soil.