A New Hobby


A New Hobby

Each time I’ve been pregnant, I’ve felt the need to take up something new to make sure my mind didn’t turn to mush when I was taking it easy in the last couple months.
With my son it was knitting. But it didn’t really stick – I don’t have the patience for knitting. With our daughter it was quilting. And it looks like this one is going to stick. I am in love with all the colours and all the beautiful fabrics out there. For those of you who are thinking “really? quilting?”. Trust me. This is not your grandma’s quilting.

In fact, there’s a whole new movement going on in the world of quilting, and recently it landed in Vancouver with the first meeting of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.
I wasn’t sure what to expect since I don’t really know what a quilt guild is (and still don’t really) but I showed up at and was pleasantly surprised to be joined by 42 other women – most (but not all) with years of quilting experience under their belts.

And the quilts they brought! Seriously gorgeous. The talent in that room blew my mind and I was happy to just sit there and absorb it for two hours. And then rush home and start playing with fabric.
Modern quilting is all about a new spin on traditional quilting – think modern fabrics, lots of creativity, and no rules. For me it’s all about finding beautiful colourful fabrics, having fun putting them all together and then having a finished project my family can enjoy.  And I’m even more excited now that I’ve found an amazing group of vibrant women to share my love of colour and all things creative with.
You can read more about modern quilting and find a modern quilt guild chapter near you on the main site. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and plan to get lost for an hour or two looking at the amazing quilts.
And just because a quilt is even better with a baby on it…

Jenn Di Spirito
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