Home Movies

Home Movies

Capturing your family is priceless. Time is so fleeting and as much as we don’t ever want to forget those little things in life, we do. Our parents grow older and our lil babes grow up and make us grandparents! Making the decision to have a professional photography session is so important and one decision we guarantee you will never regret.
One of the latest and greatest digital enhancements has been the ability to capture HD video with our professional digital SLR’s.  Home Movies combine the beautiful still images you are used you seeing with seconds of video capture before and after the image is captured.  These home movies allow us to take a step further in documenting your family’s most precious memories.

Check out the latest in our Home Video Series taken with the Canon 5D MkII!

Montgomery Family Home Movie from Catchlight Cinema & Photography on Vimeo.

These home movies allow us to have so much fun at our sessions.  We laugh, play and create  new memories of your family just being YOU!

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