Happy Friday: Clutter Free Tips for Your Child's Room!


Happy Friday: Clutter Free Tips for Your Child's Room!

Keeping your kids organized can be quite a feat! Every toy, book, and stuffed animal has to have it’s own special spot. Working with small spaces or limited resources can also make organization difficult. Well here to save the day are some helpful tips from HGTV! They have some great systems and ideas to help encourage kids to stay organized, and to make Mom and Dad’s work a little simpler!
Book Shelves:

“Functional and stylish storage is an essential element to consider when decorating a child’s room,” says designer Susie Fougerousse. “If the room allows for it and your budget permits, a bookcase with doors or drawers is a classy way to enhance the look of the room while providing valuable storage for odds and ends.” Another helpful tip is to buy a neutral colored book shelf that can be used for several years instead of a matching set they may need to change after a couple.
Storage Tips for Boys:

Loft beds are great for your little man. Plenty of storage options from built in book shelves and drawers, to more traditional lofts allowing for needed space underneath. Boys also tend to have a good bit of sporting equipment that can often wind up all over the garage in disarray. Here is a great example of a way to utilize a small hall closet to house all your athletic gear!

Storage bins come in all shapes and sizes and can be uniquely crafted for your child. Add a little paint and specific labels so that your kid will know exactly what goes in which bin.
Storage Tips for Girls:

Every little girl likes to be unique and show off her own style. Keep this in mind when organizing a girl’s room. There are so many great colorful and decorative options for storage. Conquer the clutter with containers and smart shelving that can transform any closet space like the top left example from the Container Store.

Get a little crafty with this fun storage method. Slipcovered ottomans with removable lids offer plenty of storage for small toys, books, and bedding.
Well there you have it! A few ideas for transforming your child’s room with less stress…Happy Friday everyone!

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