The Lovely Gabriella | Session Share


The Lovely Gabriella | Session Share

Gabriella and her mom agreed to meet me at the entrance of a riding trail close to my home for her session.  I had been to this spot once before and loved the “woodsy/forest” vibe (sometimes hard to come by in San Diego) and the way the light filtered so beautifully through the trees.  The day of the session could not have been more perfect, and Gabriella was such a trooper…it turned out that lots of creepy crawly things came out to enjoy that beautiful light, too.  Despite those little distractions, this session was so much fun and Gabriella was a treat to work with!

Gabriella has a thing for fairies so throughout her session we referred to her as the “Queen of the Forest Fairies.”  She played her part magnificently.  🙂

Lindsey Eastman
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