2000+ Pictures a Year. What to do Next?


2000+ Pictures a Year. What to do Next?

Lets open the honesty door in here, I hope that if you are reading this it is because your are interested in custom photography and you value the time, talent and dedication that goes into it. You probably hire an AWESOME ARTIST every year to take some FABULOUS pictures of you and your family. Then you spend some significant amount of money  in getting some GREAT products to decorate your walls. You are a happy client, you enjoy investing in custom design photography and I thank you for that!
But what happens with the other 2,000+ personal pictures you took during the year? Those special memories that were captured thanks to your point and shoot or your iphone camera. Yes, you have uploaded them to Facebook, you have tagged yourself and your friends and now you can move on, right? Well, not in my house! I refuse to let my “not so fancy” pictures go to waste. Those memories of my dinners with my friends, my family, my dog and my husband deserve a better place in my house than being on a file, who knows where on my hard drive! Those pictures deserve some love!
I have used www.Blurb.com to create two of my personal books and I love how great they are! You can have as many pages as you want,  and the program is very easy to use; it also has some great templates already so you don’t have to design pages or layouts. Blurb  books are great for all those family pictures and the quality is outstanding!

Carolina Guzik
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    Posted at 09:58h, 25 January Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Those books look fabulous!

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