Family Session Share with Sarah Lane!


Family Session Share with Sarah Lane!

Inspiration: My inspiration for this family shoot came from the vintage baby cradle! I was at a friends house and she had just picked it up at a garage sale. I instantly fell in love and knew that I had to use it in a shoot. Since this family’s little girl loves her baby dolls, I thought it would be perfect to set it up and it all came together! The forest, the banner, the clothing and the light 🙂

Favorite Element: This is one of my favorite (but sometimes difficult) places to shoot. I just love the magical light that pours through the trees.

Biggest Challenge: Along with being its biggest attribute, light in this location can be tricky as well! We dealt with some passing clouds that really darkened the woods at times, but overall we were blessed with good light!

What Clients said?: Clients LOVED them! <3

Photographer’s final words: Even though I primarily shoot Seniors, I LOVE getting the chance to work with families. There is such a beautiful (and sometimes chaotic) dynamic. I love the diversity that is available and it constantly pushes me outside of my box! Where I get to let go of control and shoot from the hip 🙂

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