Happy Fridays: Baby Shower Themes!


Happy Fridays: Baby Shower Themes!

So I recently stumbled across an amazing party planning blog full of some really great ideas for every possible party and occasion. Celebrations at Home has a range of content from DIY projects, to themes and decor, even delicious treats to serve. I skimmed through some of the baby shower posts and just had to share a few of my favorites here.
Theme: Bold and Bright

I am a total sucker for bright colors! And these 2 showers had the perfect combination of hues and tones to help tie it all together. You always run the risk with bright colors that decorations may look over the top, but the above images showcase great examples of how to avoid this. They chose their base colors and stuck to those for every little detail to ensure a harmonious spread. I especially love the table spread in the top image 🙂
Theme: Backyard Shower

I love the attention to all of the tiny details at this shower. From plates and napkins, to invites and favors, everything has that extra little personal touch. I also like the southern feel of a backyard wedding 🙂
Theme: Garden Shower

Now the above images are actually a birthday party, but they were simply too gorgeous not to share. Plus I think it would be super easy to take a lot of the birthday ideas and apply them to a baby shower with the same feel and decor. This shower was held in an actual greenhouse, which may not be doable for everyone, but you can always find foliage (fake or real) and spruce up a friends house or backyard!
Theme: Pretty in Pink Shower

I about died when I saw this one…definitely my favorite! How lucky was this mom to be? This is definitely a very detail oriented shower…lot’s of personalized tags, display cards, desserts, and favors! I imagine this was no easy feat to tackle. But, the overall theme is probably the simplest. Pick one color, maybe pink for a girl and blue for a boy, but really any color will do and stick with that one color for everything. Makes it much easier to pick out accessories and not have to make sure it is the exact right shade for each one. I actually really like the mixing of the different tones of pink. So gorgeous!
Well I hope this provided everyone with some lovely baby shower inspiration! Make sure to check out Celebrations at Home for so many other wonderful ideas. Happy Friday!

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