Happy Fridays: Easter Crafts!


Happy Fridays: Easter Crafts!

Who doesn’t love dying Easter eggs? It’s such a fun, family friendly past time that just about everyone and any one can enjoy. I have been dying eggs every year since I was little, and it usually involves about a dozen eggs and a kit from the store. This year I wanted to do something fun and new! Of course the wonderful Martha Stewart had a wealth of amazing ideas and helpful tips to really make your Easter crafting the best it can be! Check out a few favorites below!

Clockwise from top left: Cracked Paper Eggshell Dishes, Doily Baskets, Striped Crepe Paper Eggs, Eggshell votives. I absolutely love the eggshell votive idea…how clever and very festive! And you only need a few supplies like candle wax, candle wicks and eggs! Super easy and super fun 🙂

Clockwise from top left: Glitter Eggs, Lace Eggs, Gilded Eggs, and Tissue Paper Eggs. The Bottom left is definitely my favorite! You cut out several shapes in different colors of tissue paper and then adhere them to the egg using an adhesive like Mog Podge. So pretty 🙂
Hopefully a few of the above ideas can help you spice up egg dying this year! Wishing everyone a very happy Easter…and happy Friday!

Kristen the designer
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