Session Share: Blue


Session Share: Blue

Inspiration: The inspiration for this session was fairly simple: a first birthday! The first birthday is incredibly special. It’s such a milestone and to think of how much changes in that first year of life is truly amazing. I wanted to capture the birthday girl exactly as she is at this moment in time. Adventurous, curious, playful, innocent, sweet and unbelievably gorgeous. I happened to get very lucky to have such a stunning little girl to photograph, not to mention the fact that she was so good the entire session!
Favorite Element: At the very end of the session, once the birthday girl had finished her cake, she just crawled right through it and kept going. It was hysterical! Mom, Dad, and I couldn’t stop laughing! It was almost difficult to stay still enough to take the photos because I was giggling so much!
Biggest Challenge:   My biggest challenge here was getting smiles. It’s pretty standard and I usually make faces and do my best to get the giggle. She was so curious and unsure of me and what the heck I was doing there that she just looked at me with those eyes and tried so hard to figure out what I was doing. She got more comfortable as time went by and of course by the time the cake came out, the focus changed for sure!
What the Client Said: “Thank you for taking such amazing pictures!”
Photographers’ Final Words: This was hands down my favorite birthday sessions to date. It is definitely a treat to be able to capture this time for her parents who I have known for many years.

Meghan Boyer
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  • Diane Mueller
    Posted at 09:40h, 26 April Reply

    Great photography… just clean, soft, beautiful lighting without all the “weird” stuff that seems to be so overdone these days…

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