Session Share: All the Love You Have!


Session Share: All the Love You Have!

This family has been a client of mine for over a year, I had photographed them before and I knew their sweet nature and their love for their sweet little ones.  I really wanted to keep it casual at my studio and portray their love for each other.  I have been ranting and raving to my clients about all of the mothers coming to my studio and literally doing everything they can to stay out of the pictures.  I have mom’s ducking on the floor, hiding behind my studio lighting, you name it, everything. So that led me to one of my goals for this year…I want to photograph more emotion, more love, more of what happens at home.
I started pushing my clients.  In their interviews I asked how many pictures do you have with your babies? Their responses shocked me, 1,2,4,”a few.”  NEVER did I have a client say, ” I have so many pictures with my kids!”  So, it became my quest and I have to say, the mothers are loving it.  I am hosting a mini-session event just for mothers and their kids and the results are fabulous.  Mothers are finally getting it!  Our goal is to keep it casual and portray their love for their babies as if they were at home.
My favorite element of this session was defiantly the interaction of the family and also the wings and wand the client had brought.  The mother had mentioned to me that their little girl wears wings and carries a wand all over the house so we decided to incorporate them into the shoot and I don’t think this could have turned out better.  The client had nothing but great things to say about this session which is a photographers greatest compliment.
So, to all you mother’s out there please remember this– photographs not only for us but also for our children.  Heaven forbid (as I am knocking on wood) I leave this earth earlier than I have planned, I do have the comfort to say my sweet little girls will always have a picture of me giving them all the love I have.
Remember this when you’re booking your next session, get in the pictures and show your babies all the love you have!

Tina Stinson
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  • Lindsey
    Posted at 14:29h, 09 May Reply

    Gorgeous session!! I love the way you captured this family… so precious!

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