Family Session Share


Family Session Share

For this particular session we wanted to create a really fun and relaxed mood. It was wet and cold that day…but it didn’t stop us from capturing these little magical moments. Using different family combos we expressed in images the bonds that are so obvious when you meet this family.
Favourite Element
I love when a family comes with full trust and are so comfortable that they barley even notice you are there. With a caring watchful eye I wait for moments like these, quietly preserving snippets in time that otherwise may go unnoticed.

Biggest Challenge
I love to shoot wide open, but it is always risky in family sessions. The little ones moving at the speed of light is always reason for concern at 1.2. However, I love the effect and the risk is so worth it!!
Final Words
I just love working with children and families. I am always inspired as I watch and capture the bonds between siblings and/or parent and child. For parts of each session I keep as much distance as possible to capture the purest of candid moments, but I also love to get involved and be goofy too!

Shannon Stevenson
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  • Michelle Scott
    Posted at 03:50h, 10 May Reply

    These are just beautiful. And I totally agree rather than sit them for a bunch of static photos, the interaction amongst them really brings out the family dynamic.
    Over this past weekend, I put up dozens of photos I’ve taken over the past couple of years of moms with their kids. I didn’t realize the impact when I did it, but I was contacted by many with orders, and also word of mouth orders from their friends who saw them with their children.
    One other note, I always always always take a photo of the Mom with each Senior portrait session. If she’s there, I insist. I say we don’t have to use it but she might like it one day. Then, even if I don’t include it with the online images, just before Christmas after their child has gone away, I send them a reduced web-sized image, and let me tell you, they are usually missing their babies so bad at that point that they always order that image. It serves as a poignant reminder of how fast time goes.
    Shannon thank you for sharing, you are so talented and creative.
    Michelle Scott

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