Happy Fridays: How to Display your Child's Artwork!


Happy Fridays: How to Display your Child's Artwork!

Even if your little one is not the next Picasso, you will certainly want to save every little project and drawing to cherish for years to come. The tricky part can be deciding where and how to display your child’s masterpieces. To give you a little inspiration I have gathered some great display methods to share with you below!
Traditional Framing

Framing is always going to be the go to method. It can work well with almost any home decor while also preserving the work for many years. For a more modern home you may want to choose identical frames to create a gallery like the image on the left. Or maybe you want to mix and match and create a really unique wall gallery space. One of my favorite framing techniques is pictured above right. This piece is comprised of scanned thumbnails of several different pieces of art all collaged together and framed as one print. Such a beautiful display!
Make Your Own Frames

I absolutely love this idea, but it is certainly an option you have to commit to. These above images depict frames painted directly onto the walls to surround your child’s beautiful art.  The gallery on the left had several frames painted originally, all different shapes and sizes, and then artwork added later. However it appears that the gallery on the right was painted around the images once they were hung. Either way, it will look stunning!
Hanging Displays

Hanging displays are usually a much more flexible option. They are easy to put up and easy to take down. They are also great for switching pieces in and out, allowing space for new art that is made. The gallery on the left uses these amazing (and extremely versatile) rails sold at IKEA. Mount them anywhere and everywhere to create a unique wall display. Another alternative would be basic old thumb tacks, pictured on the right. You can either install some cork boards to protect the wall, or go to town with an already existing wall. Hanging displays are by far the easiest and quickest way to get some art on the walls!
Lattice Displays

Similar to the painted frames, these are a bigger commitment and certainly more time consuming. Assembly isn’t difficult, just requires a few more steps to get everything set up. You can purchase lattice strips in various sizes at your local hardware store and then either assemble them as a separate unit away from the wall (left), or mount directly to the wall (right). Attaching and displaying the art can be done with hangers, nails, thumb tacks and clips. Lattice can also be painted to match an existing home decor as well.

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