Happy Fridays: Labor Day Party Tips!


Happy Fridays: Labor Day Party Tips!

I hope everyone is looking forward to a relaxing Labor Day weekend. The end of summer has arrived so soak up the rays while you can and enjoy the last of these wonderful long days. I’m sure many of you are putting together final preparations for Labor Day festivities and stressing over the details. The last thing you need during a holiday weekend is added stress from hosting duties. Fear not – I have some helpful tips below to make your Labor Day party easy breezy!

Labor day is a great time for using those leftover decorations from Fourth of July parties, so don’t ever throw those out! The above options are all quick and easy crafts that can be done at home and for cheap. Labor Day is typically more about the food and drinks anyways, so keep the decor simple but festive. (clockwise from top left: pinwheels, star medallions, layered candles, firework bursts)
The Menu

Labor Day food is almost always some form of hamburgers, hot dogs and a side of potato salad. No need to ditch these staples, but maybe do something a little different to spruce them up. It’s also always nice to include a vegetarian option for friends not interested in a double stack cheeseburger but still looking for a full meal. Snack foods are essential so don’t forget to include a variety tasty options. (clockwise from top left: Asian Rotisserie Chicken Salad, Roasted Garlic Guacamole Dip, Perfect Veggie Burgers, Chicago-Style Hot Dog)
Helpful Tips

The wonderful Martha Stewart put together an entire list of helpful tips to save the day! The gallery includes some great ideas, a few of which I have highlighted above. The first is a method for quickly chilling a bottle of room temperature wine. The second is a simple caddy used to carry around grilling and party essentials so they don’t get lost and can stay in one place. The third are these adorable flower pots used to cover plates of food to keep them warm. And lastly, a way to windproof your table cloth to prevent guests from having to hold it down. Thanks Martha!
Wishing everyone a very Happy Labor Day weekend…and a very happy Friday!

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