Happy Fridays: Recycling Glass Jars & Tin Cans!


Happy Fridays: Recycling Glass Jars & Tin Cans!

Re-purposing and recycling is a very easy but also environmentally friendly way to put some of your  unwanted containers to good use. If you are like me you probably recycle a good bit of tin cans or glass jars. They are used to package just about everything and when you are done with them they are typically tossed away. Well not anymore!! I stumbled upon  an adorable little blog  called Under The Table and Dreaming with posts specifically about recycling tins and jars in several different ways. I have spotlighted a few below but definitely check out the original posts for even more inspiration. (Tin Cans here, Jars here)
Tin Cans

Glass Jars

Happy Friday everyone!

Kristen the designer
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