A Personal Project: The Window Series


A Personal Project: The Window Series

This was my first personal project. It came about in a very organic way, after moving into my new studio space I all of a sudden fell in love with photographing children indoors. This room was magical. The wood floors from the 1800s, the old walls that we painted a perfect shade of white, but what really makes it special is the window. The light is warm and beautiful and it fills the room in just the right way. At first I didn’t think much about the window but after just a few sessions I realized that life was happening in front of that beautiful little space. Moms helping their children take first steps, babies crawling and peeking outside to see the birds. Right in front of me the Window Series started. It sparked something inside of me and I was excited to do more and more inside this beautiful space I had been blessed with.
I think I realized that as photographers we can get burnt out, we can lose our creativity and really lose sight in why we fell in love with this medium in the first place. I truly believe everyone should do work just for themselves, what inspires you? what makes your creativity flow again? Find that spark and run with it, don’t worry if it will sell or if anyone else will love it. Do it for you!

mandy johnson
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  • Kelli
    Posted at 07:03h, 06 February Reply

    These are lovely Mandy! I’m obsessed with window light. I was just telling my sisters the other day I wanted my project for the year to be princesses and windows….my daughter is obsessed with princess dresses. 😉 These cam out lovely. Well done!!

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