Helpful Tips & Advice with Competition Judge Garrett Nudd!


Helpful Tips & Advice with Competition Judge Garrett Nudd!

As we head into the final few days of our January 2014 Image Competition, we wanted to share some words of wisdom with the community from our esteemed judges! First up, Garrett Nudd of Cobblestone Rue!

Challenging Yourself Through Print Competition
By Garrett Nudd

I am always fascinated by how people view their own work. Many photographers consider themselves to be their own worst critic. Yet others portray self-confidence and assuredness like they are the best thing since sliced bread. Whatever the case, I have long believed that entering print competition is one of the most beneficial and worthwhile exercises that you can do as a photographer and an artist.
I dare say that most of us fell into the business of photography because of our passion for photographing. But as businesses grow and we become busy, it is easy to fall into a rhythmic pattern and become stale. As an artist, that is a dangerous and often unhappy place.
I have found print competition to be a fantastic tool to not only grow and develop, but to also rediscover my passion for image-making.
While it is relatively easy to find tips for selecting and preparing images for print competition, I would like to share a handful of psychological and emotional ideas to consider.
1. You are good enough for print competition. The end.
2. Rejection isn’t final, it’s fuel. Always continue pushing yourself toward perfection. If you don’t score as high as you hoped let that motivate you to do better next time.
3. Remove yourself emotionally from each image so that you can be objective. I realize that it’s easier said than done because your emotion is most likely what allowed you to create the image in the first place. But it’s important to be objective and realistic.
4. Seek input and opinions from peers and mentors who’s work you admire. Most people are generous and will find ways to compliment an image. But ask specifically for critical feedback. “Good” isn’t good enough. Seek to find what it is that’s keeping an image from being “great?”
5. Finally, understand and accept that while success in print competition is exciting and rewarding, and being recognized by your peers feels great, it doesn’t pay the bills. A fantastic portrait sale and a thrilled client is what allows you to continue pursuing your passion for image making.
There are so many benefits to participating in print competition and it is exciting that NAPCP provides this resource and platform. I look forward to seeing each one of your inspiring images.

Kristen the designer
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