2017 NAPCP Retreat Speaker Features – Keri Meyers Photography

2017 NAPCP Retreat Speaker Features – Keri Meyers Photography

2017 NAPCP Retreat Speaker Feature - Keri Meyers Photography. Keri Meyers, has had a successful newborn photography business since 2008. She is an industry expert with a unique and classic style that has greatly impacted the newborn photography industry worldwide. She has photographed newborns all across the country, and mentored photographers from all over the world on the art of posed newborn photography through her workshops.SpeakerFeature_Keri1

What gear do you currently use most? I shoot Nikon and am still holding on to my D700 – I just love that camera. In studio I shoot mostly with my 35mm, 24-70mm and 60mm macro. I have an 86″ PLM umbrella and Einstein flash unit. When I am outdoors I use primarily my 70-200mm and my 16mm fisheye.
Give us a tip for staying organized in business. Use a studio management software. I use Sprout Studio and I loooooove it. It has really helped me streamline my workflow.


Has anyone specific influenced your photography journey? I would say my family, my surroundings and my clients have the most. In the beginning of my photography journey I would look at everyone else’s work, but it wasn’t until I stopped looking and really focused on my own photography style did I feel fulfilled and happy with my work.
Favorite lens? My favorite indoors is my 35mm. My favorite outdoors is my fisheye.


Why did you choose photography as your profession? I have always loved photography. I took classes in high school (many years ago) and after college, really loved photographing landscapes and outdoor photography. It wasn’t until the birth of my first son that I fell in love with photographing babies and children.


Thank you so much, Keri!
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