Why Focus on Photographing Motherhood?

Why Focus on Photographing Motherhood?

Focus on Photographing Motherhood : Why?
According to Forbes.com, the key to survival is understanding your passion, your drive, and your raison d’etre, or reason for being. Forbes is not the only website out there encouraging business owners to stop and look a little bit deeper while developing their business plan. Simon Sinek gave an inspiring Ted Talk on this very topic in 2013. He says every single organization on the planet know what they do. Some know how they do it. But very few organizations know why they do it … What is your purpose? What is your belief … Why do you get out of bed in the morning, and why should anyone care?

Think about it – which one is more appealing to your clients –
I have a very expensive camera, and I can take photos of your family that are much better than the blurry ones you take on your phone — if you pay me what I am worth.
Let me preserve your family’s memories and milestones so you can enjoy heirloom-quality photos for generations to come.
One of those statements solves a problem — and that is why we are here, to solve a problem that our clients may or may not know they have. By defining our why, we can help guide families and offer a service that is worth paying for, and that will encourage them to come back year after year.

We polled some of our clients to see why they feel it is important to get in the photo with their families, and here is what they said:
Because photos can paint an accurate picture of a memory, of a time that is so very fleeting.
Because the little moments add up to be the big moments – the strong memories.
Because one photo speaks volumes about the depth of a mother’s love.
Because only a photo can transport you back to a time when you were little and your mother was always available to scoop you up and wipe away your tears.
Because you get the opportunity to see how you look through the eyes of everyone who loves you, instead of your own critical eye.
Because selfies get old, and they are never very flattering anyway.
Because damn it, motherhood is messy, and it’s hard, but it is also breath-taking and beautiful.
And finally, because life is short.

Ah, sweet motherhood. Tearful, sweaty, glowing, joyful, incredible motherhood.

Caitlin Domanico
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