The Story Behind The Girl In The Boat by Dana Klein

The Story Behind The Girl In The Boat by Dana Klein

This is Lizzie. She was put up for adoption at birth and was sadly born addicted to the drugs her birth mother was taking. As you can probably imagine, starting out life this way has its many struggles and long term effects. Her parents reached out to me wanting to do something special for their daughter, as Lizzie began to notice she wasn’t like all the other kids at school and felt like she didn’t fit in.

I’m a huge believer in visual healing so I couldn’t wait to start planning her unique storytelling portrait. After interviewing the parents and meeting Lizzie I learned of not only her struggles but the things that brought her comfort. Being out in nature and especially around water is a place where Lizzie feels her best. It’s a place where she can run free and wild but also a place where she is able to focus on little things that catch her eye.

Given her love for water, I decided to place her in a boat to represent her journey accompanied by her two best furry friends that are always watching out for her. I was told, one of Lizzie’s habits is the need to smell everything so of course we incorporated that into her image.

Some may look at this image and just see a girl in a boat, but to Lizzie and her family this image represents so much more. This is Lizzies composite, this is Lizzies story.

This post was written by Dana Klein of Dana Klein Creative.

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