August 2022 NAPCP International Image Competition Winners Are Announced!

August 2022 NAPCP International Image Competition Winners Are Announced!

 NAPCP’s International Image Competition is a globally acclaimed annual digital/online photography competition. The purpose of the International Image Competition is to certify and commend images from our Member Community that epitomize compelling impact, creativity and style, technical merit, and overall distinction.

With hundreds of images entered during each competition period, the NAPCP International Image Competition is one of the most dynamic representations of the professional child and family photography industry.


We are so thankful to our judges who dedicated their expertise and time to deliberating, judging, and scoring: Corrine Adams, Ross Oscar Knight, and Ashley Berrie.

We wish to thank each and every professional photographer who submitted imagery for consideration to the 2022 NAPCP International Image Competition.

The following artists and images placed first in their respective categories:

Julianne Green, “Make a Wish”

Willy Wilson, “Helping Hands”

Justine Veracco, “Dandelions for Days”

Jennifer Buckley, “Coming Home”

Diogo Loureiro, “Path of Love”

Katy Lengacher, “Let Them Sleep”

Valerie Eidson, “Seventeen”

Olga Abramova, “Travelers”

Justine Veracco, “Ocean Eyes”

Congratulations to all of our August 2022 International Image Competition winners and artists of merit.


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