All the Details for Hosting a Marketing Monday

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

― H.E. Luccock

Here at NAPCP it’s small business owners who are the heartbeat of our association. The simple idea behind our Marketing Mondays videos is to share ideas corporately so that all of our businesses have the tools to thrive! Over the years our experienced members have learned and are still learning a lot of lessons — what works and what doesn’t — and we want you to share!

Below you can find all the information about what to talk about, what topics we are looking for, and a form so you can submit your ideas to our team! Once you have made the decision to host a Marketing Monday, we encourage you to learn more about the opportunity and what it requires here. Have questions? Let us know – we’d be happy to help!

There are many topics you can discuss in your Marketing Monday. Please choose from the options below and review the specifications for submission. If you’d like to see other ways you can contribute to the NAPCP community, please click here. For questions regarding hosting a Marketing Monday, please email [email protected].


An opportunity to discuss what has worked for your business. Did you run a photo contest that got you new business? Figure out the magic solution for making money on mini sessions? Or maybe you want to talk about a few major changes that worked for your business as a whole last year. This is your chance to shine!


As small business owners, we have to wear many hats. Some of us are much better at marketing than others. We love when members of our community help one another grow. This is your chance to share how certain marketing techniques have worked for your business and maybe help out another member in the NAPCP community who is struggling with their marketing.


Do you have a beautiful space where you work? We’d love to see it! Hop on for a Marketing Monday and give our community a peek into your every day.


A common question from photographer to photographer. We’re always curious what you are taking with you on your shoot! Do you have some tricks up your sleeve to get kids to smile? Or a favorite lens you’d like to chat about? This is your chance to share!

  1. Presenters/topics must be approved by NAPCP staff via the form below
  2. Presenters must not use Marketing Monday time with sole intention of self-promotion
  3. You must be able to go live at 1PM EST in the NAPCP Member Community on Facebook
  4. Presenters must send their videos to the NAPCP team upon completion so we can add it to the Marketing Mondays page on the NAPCP website
  5. Presenters should read through the tips and tricks for hosting a Marketing Monday event found here.

Ready for Your Close-up?

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Marketing Monday in the NAPCP Member Community! We are so happy you have chosen to share with our member community. Learning from one another and encouraging others is what NAPCP is all about!

After filling out the form below, please take a moment to review the Helpful Tips for a Successful Marketing Monday Event page, here.

Have you reviewed the requirements for before/during/and after your Marketing Monday, found on our website?


All of our Marketing Mondays take place LIVE on Mondays, at 1:00PM EST, in the NAPCP Member Community. Please select three Mondays in the near future that work best for you; we will try to accommodate your schedule!

Legal Disclaimer

Participants agree that any video may be used by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP), in any of its publications, printed materials or electronic media, such as but not limited to, any of its websites or its affiliates’ web sites. All videos may be used in connection by NAPCP for promotion in the future. Thus, participants grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, limited license to use, publish, reproduce, display, distribute, sell, use for promotional purposes and cross-promotional purposes.