Renew Your Certification

Applying for renewal is a crucial step in maintaining professional credentials and ensuring continued competence in a specific field. Recertification is the process through which individuals renew their certifications or licenses after a specified period, typically through demonstrating ongoing education, training, and professional development. It holds immense importance as it ensures that professionals stay updated with the latest industry standards, best practices, and evolving knowledge within their respective fields. By renewing their certifications, individuals demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning, staying current with advancements, and providing the highest level of service to clients, employers, and the community. Recertification not only enhances professional credibility but also serves as a testament to an individual’s dedication to excellence, contributing to personal growth, career advancement, and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing world.

Once you have renewed your Master Photographer Certification you will receive a new badge and certificate with the current year. Each certification is good for 3 years.


Master Photographers who would like to renew their certification must provide the following information.

Member Status
In order to renew your certification, you must be a current NAPCP Member. Your membership dues will need to be up-to-date.


Business Website
You must provide a link to your current photography website.


We ask that you provide links to your social accounts (if applicable) so our reviewers can make sure you are still an active business.


NAPCP Community Involvement
Members who would like to recertify must demonstrate that they are an active member in the NAPCP community through participating in at least 2 of these opportunities in the last 3 years:


Magazine Article for Inspired Magazine
– Marketing Monday Interview
– NAPCP Ambassador
(within the last 3 years)
– Entry in Image Competition (does not have to be a winning image)
– Attended a NAPCP Event
– Participated in Weekly Favorites
Submission to Featured Images for Inspired Magazine
Article for the NAPCP Blog
– Purchased and completed a course through the Elevate School


Q: What is the fee to renew my certifications?
A: A $60 review fee is required to recertify regardless of how many certifications you are renewing at the time.

Q: Why should I renew my Master Certification?
A: By engaging in recertification, individuals demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning, staying current with advancements, and providing the highest level of service to clients, employers, and the community.

Q: When should I renew my certification?
A: Each Master Photographer Certification is good for 3 years. Once three years has past, your certification will need to be renewed. There is a 2 year grace period during which you can renew your certification. Once 2 years has past, you will need to recertify for each category again in order to get a current/updated badge for that category.

Q: Can I renew multiple certifications at once?
A: Yes, if you certified in multiple categories during the same year you can renew all of those certifications at the same time.

Q: Do I have to be a current NAPCP Member to renew?
A: Yes, being a NAPCP Member is a requirement to renew your Master Photographer Certifications.

Q: What do I get when I renew my certification?
A: When you renew your Master Photographer Certification, you will receive a new badge for each category you renew along with a new certificate with the current year.

Q: Do I need to renew my certifications when they expire, or can I wait longer?
A: In order to keep your business listed on the NAPCP website, you will need to renew your certification during the 4th year. All previous Master Photographers who did not certify during this time will be removed from the Master Photographer list on the NAPCP website. There will be an additional one year grace period during which you will still be able to renew your certification after this time. After the grace period is over, you will need to submit a new portfolio during open submissions and recertify in order to renew each expired certification.


Submissions are now open for

Master Photographer Certification
Family Category

Members – Check your email, visit the Facebook community or login to your NAPCP Account for more details on upcoming certifications!