10 Tricks to Homeschooling, from a Photographer Mom!

10 Tricks to Homeschooling, from a Photographer Mom!

Hi! I’m Jennie, and I have been homeschooling since 2015. Not long, I know! I wanted to share some tricks, or things I have found to work, for working from home combined with homeschooling.

1. Find a tutorial, if possible. My boys go to a homeschool Montessori tutorial two days a week from 9-2. This is a great way to get in grocery shopping, workouts, and some work or sessions! This is a formal private tutorial, so it doesn’t require me to do anything. It’s also amazing having a co-teacher. The teacher and I work together in many areas.

2. Year round school. This helps me tremendously. If I fall behind in work, that’s okay, because we can take time off from homeschool. When kids get sick — because that WILL happen — we can take the time to get well, and not feel pressure. We do take time off in May or June, then we start back up July 1!

3. Homeschool in the car, if needed. Bring it with you! Also, homeschool isn’t always reading and writing. Homeschool can be gardening or field trips!

4. Remember the balls: Your family is a glass ball. Your work and social life, etc. are all rubber balls. If you drop the glass one, it breaks; it needs a lot more care and needs to be your priority. If you drop a rubber ball, it always bounces back! So, when you’re in a rut, go to this. My kids come first ALL the time, even if I’m behind on galleries.

5. Find balance, especially the first year. I find it easier to book a lighter schedule at first and not be overwhelmed. Now that we have this down, I feel I can add a little more work to my load.

6. Make sure you’re getting “ME” time. This is so important. If you’re caring for the house and the kids and the clients, you will start to feel frustrated and won’t have patience for the little things.

7. Once a day, spend 20 minutes in your child’s world. Maybe they’re playing Legos. Go in their room and be there. You don’t have to be amazing, just be there! Listen to them ramble on and on. They will love it. Fill the love tanks!

8. In the mornings, I refuse to do ANY work. I solely concentrate on the boys. I teach them, make them breakfast, and I don’t answer calls, texts, or emails. In the afternoon, my work starts around 2 PM and ends between 4 and 5 PM. Then I start dinner. It works for me best this way, because if I start working in the morning, I cannot seem to transition back to mommy mode. I end up staying in work mode all day.

9. During my work hours, the boys have quiet time. We don’t do screen time, so they listen to Wow in the World Science Podcast or Sparkle Stories.

10. When you find you’re out of balance: working TOO much or not homeschooling ENOUGH, or maybe your house is a disaster (totally okay and its a rubber ball too!), step back and re-assess and start again. Have grace!
That’s it! I know it isn’t as easy as this list, but hopefully this gives you a good starting point.

Jennie Pyfferoen
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