The Art of Photographing Older Children

The Art of Photographing Older Children

1. Inspiration
I truly believe that so many have portraits taken when their kids are young. It feels natural to have them done every 6 months or so. They are changing so much when they are little. As children get older, they don’t seem as though they are changing as much, but they still are. Encouraging my clients who have older children to continue portraits has been a fun adventure, and anyone who books a portrait session is quite pleased!

2. Favorite Element
Moments snuggled with mom are a favorite element for me and are always treasured and allowing the parents to be used as “props” is perfect for a great image. Dads also have a lot of fun, but might need engaging conversation before they feel more comfortable.

3. Biggest Challenge
One of the biggest challenges with older children can be them feeling awkward in front of the camera. Really engaging with them, learning what they like, spending time talking with them … this helps them to relax and enjoy their time in front of the camera.

4. Final Thoughts
I promise that working with an older child is so much fun, and they are cherished memories for many years to come. It’s always a bonus to give them confidence in how beautiful they are, just as they are. Summertime is the perfect time for older children, as they don’t have issues with staying up late for the wonderful evening sunsets. It is so important to continue your relationship with your clients even as their kids go through phases like lost teeth, braces, growing into a teen, and more. This also naturally leads these clients into being senior portrait clients if that is something you specialize in. Thank you for taking the time to read about The Art of Photographing Older Children! I truly love it!

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