The February 2018 International Image Competition is Here

The February 2018 International Image Competition is Here

Since its inception in 2009, NAPCP has created a collaborative community that educates and inspires child photographers. Our success lies ultimately in the success of our members, whom we greatly value.

As you prepare to enter the February 2018 International Image Competition, make sure you review the Competition Rules & Guidelines.
We could not be more excited about our talented panel of 2018 judges, including Kirsten Lewis, Becca Wohlwinder, Diogo Loureiro, Barbara Griffin, Anne Simone, and Michael Howard.

NAPCP recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of its child photographer members. Image competitions reward talent with medallions, priority listing on our directory, vendor endorsements, member points, titles and professional recognition.
Our prestigious Photographer of the Year award will be decided based on specific defined criteria, as well as combined scores from both the International Image Competition, and Inspired by NAPCP Gallery Event. Congratulations to 2017 Photographer of the Year, Ashley Berrie!

The NAPCP February 2018 International Image Competition is open as of 12 Noon EST February 5, 2018 and closes at 11:59 PM EST March 1, 2018.
Members receive a total of 2 Competition Credits per Competition with their membership. Additional Competition Credits can be purchased for $25 each. Competition Credits can be used in any single competition, and cannot roll over to the following competition. A critiquing fee of $25 will apply to any member who wishes to receive professional feedback on submitted photos.
This is NAPCP’s only digital competition in which you will receive scores and (optional) critiques this year.
There are eight categories available for submissions, outlined below. Entrant should choose the category with recommended age guidelines that best suits the overall feel, impact, and story of each image.
1. Maternity
2. Newborn (Up to 6 weeks)
3. Baby (6 weeks to one year)
4. Toddler (13 months to 3 years)
5. Child (4 years to 15 years)
6. Seniors (16-18 years)
7. Siblings
8. Family
1. Impact (40%) – the sense one gets upon viewing an image for the first time. Compelling images evoke laughter, sadness, anger, pride, wonder or another intense emotion. Story Telling also plays a part in overall Impact. This refers to the image’s ability to evoke imagination. What message does the viewer read, and what story does the image depict?
2. Creativity & Style (30%) – important to the design of an image, bringing all of the visual elements together in concert to express the purpose of the image. The photographer’s style can be defined simply through their use of light, color, or any element that enables the audience to connect with the image. Creativity is the original, fresh, and external expression of the imagination of the maker by using the medium to convey an idea, message or thought.
3. Technical Merit (30%) – the quality of the image itself as it is presented for viewing. Retouching, manipulation, focus, appropriate depth of field, sharpness, exposure, composition and correct color are some items that speak to the qualities of the image.
As a NAPCP member, we know you can’t wait to submit your image. Try out an image critique this round to rev up your motivation and keep you on top of your photography game! Submit your best images HERE!
Have a beautiful week!
Your Cheerleaders,
The NAPCP Team

Katie Mitchell
[email protected]
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