Session Share – The Berry Patch


Session Share – The Berry Patch

After a recent family session at a local berry farm here, I was inspired to take my own children to pick berries and of course brought my camera to document the morning. We got to the farm before 7am and though it was early, it was the perfect time of day to be outdoors. Here in the south, the temperature in July can sometimes hover around the century mark, so enjoying the crisp, cool morning air while filling our buckets and our bellies with berries was really a treat. My kids loved the outing and we came home with some beautiful berries to enjoy.
Natural light photographers will often schedule outdoor sessions around the best time of day for light, either the first light of the day or the last. For little ones, the first part of the day is also often their best time.  Its a great time to schedule a family session or a portrait session. Knowing how beautiful the light can be as the day begins is what made me excited to bring my camera along for this trip to document a fun activity with my boys. I have a memory for our family and a some beautiful light for my photographer’s heart.

Inspiration: Early morning light, fresh dew on the berries and my two sweet little guys
Favorite Element: Eating sweet fresh berries in one hand and clicking away with the other
Biggest Challenge: My youngest is two. Enough said.
Final words from Photographer: I love photographing families and children and stay busy doing that.
Its so fun to take my own out every now and then and capture our little moments.

Gretchen Davis

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