Newborn Session Share


Newborn Session Share

Had to snap a few of gorgeous proud big sister while little guy was eating!

Inspiration: Design & style magazines. I have a slight addiction to shopping so I do a lot of prop/studio shopping so clients will always see something new for a session. I love interior design & when I can bring style & design into my sessions it makes it that much more fun.

Favorite Element: Focus is always the baby but I love adding an element of style. I love the use of texture & color with fabrics, knit hats, hardwoods, baskets, bowls, trunks & ottomans.
Biggest Challenge: This little guy came to visit at my studio the morning after he got home from the hospital at just 2 days old! My biggest challenge was although he was very sleepy he was very jumpy & his little hands were so hard to get to lay flat. I love the softness of babies hands when we can get them open and to lay flat. Usually when we get a baby into a good deep sleep we can do a lot of posing with them but with this little guy he was a little feisty any time we moved him. Even though he was just 2 days old he was over 9lbs so lots of baby chub! I loved his baby chunky cheeks & he was so adorable so although he was a little feisty I still loved photographing him!
What Clients said?: “We LOVE the pictures of our little guy! You ladies are amazing!”
Photographer’s final words: Newborns are my favorite. There is a short window of capturing the pure sweetness of newness & I feel blessed I get to photograph so many new babies each month. Each newborn session brings a sweet new baby & new challenges… maybe that is why I love them so much? xo

Christina McCormick
  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:06h, 23 February Reply

    Absolutely love the 2nd last image! Everything is so crisp yet soft at the right place. 😀

  • Michelle Drenckhahn
    Posted at 14:28h, 23 February Reply

    These are AMAZING! Her photos make me want to have more babies just so she can take photographs of them!

  • Kelly Reha
    Posted at 14:32h, 23 February Reply

    Christina is my most favorite photographer. I love her style, love her props, and love love love looking at the cute babies she photographs.

  • Erica
    Posted at 14:36h, 23 February Reply


  • Kati
    Posted at 15:00h, 23 February Reply

    You have such amazing talent! Your choice of props and accesories are always spot on. Just beautiful.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 16:50h, 23 February Reply

    So precious! I love that the pictures and poses are a natural extension of the baby and not too posed…perfect!

  • Paula
    Posted at 09:58h, 25 February Reply

    These photos are so precious! It’s amazing how Christina can capture the babies’ little expressions at such an adorable and fleeting stage. What a gift!

  • Shannon
    Posted at 12:15h, 26 February Reply

    I love your work! I wish I could have you photograph my babes everyday!

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