Baby Nurseries: Designing for your baby boy or girl


Baby Nurseries: Designing for your baby boy or girl

Often times when I choose a location to photograph a baby, I go straight to their nursery.  Aside from always being filled with the most beautiful natural light, every detail of the room has been carefully handpicked with all of the love in the world. Their nursery is a reflection of mom, dad, and baby – all lovingly wrapped up into a stunning space.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing beautiful elements in nursery decor, while bringing in guest contributors to share their insight and expert opinions.  If you have any particular questions, please feel free to share it with us in the Comments section.
Meanwhile, here are a few nurseries I photographed that illustrate easy tips for designing for either a baby boy or girl.  Gender neutral rooms are often my favorite, as they’re practical as much as they are lovely.
1.  Create a room you adore.  No matter what the design — be it ultramodern, eclectic or my favorite, traditional — in the end a nursery needs to please only your baby and you.

2.  Paint the walls a color that you love.  Consider sophisticated color combinations for your nursery like sage green and white or light blue and brown. Choose a palette that reflects the rest of your home’s décor.  Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring.

3.  Get some grown-up furniture for baby. An armoire, for instance, is practical, chic and remains useful as your child grows up.  Love this shot with Ford reading in his room.

4.  Add in pops of color to keep the room fresh and fun. I love how Knox’s room is simple, sophisticated, and a place he knows he can play and have fun in.

5.  Hang plenty of family pictures on the walls. Babies of either gender benefit from the visual stimulation these items provide.  NAPCP will post more on this particular tip… 😉

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