Happy Thanksgiving: Last Minute Table Decor!


Happy Thanksgiving: Last Minute Table Decor!

Thanksgiving is here! A delicious day filled with amazing food and great company. Whether you traveled hours to a relative’s house or are staying home and preparing a feast of your own, today should be care free and relaxing. To help keep it that way today’s post is about last minute table decor! All very simple ideas and a little inspiration in case it’s the one thing you forgot about. Now some of the options we are featuring might be a little fancy, but there is always a cheaper, simpler alternative!
Place Settings

Two very cute ideas for creative, yet very simple place settings. Option 1: gather up a few extra pears and cut little paper leafs to use as the name tags. Option 2: A little more time consuming and you will need pine cones, feathers, brown pipe cleaners and a hot glue gun. Then voila! Adorable turkey place settings.
It’s The Little Things

A few extra little touches can change an entire table! Shown above are braided ribbon napkin rings and cross-stich candle holders. The texture on the candle holders was created with a white paint pen. Both super easy!
Touch of gold

You can create a beautiful table with some gold touches here and there. A few of the ideas above: spray painted gold miniature pumpkins (but any fruit or veggie will do), gold ribbon and leaf napkin ties, and gold serving dishes.
Fall Themed Decor

Now you have a way to use some of those pesky leaves littered all over your yard. Gather a few to help spice up your holiday table. You can spread them all over the table underneath a translucent table cloth (left), or use see through plates to feature a splash of fall color(right).
Creative Centerpieces

So if you are definitely short on time the one thing you must have is a gorgeous centerpiece! A few unique and inspirational ideas pictured above to help get you started. The bottom right is created by taking strips of beeswax and then weaving them across candles (like a basket). The end result is truly stunning!
Happy Thanksgiving from NAPCP!


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