Image Competition Advice with Tina Wilson!


Image Competition Advice with Tina Wilson!

This is a third and final installment of helpful features from our fabulous judges! Enjoy!
Here are a few things I am always looking for in an image: Aesthetic, Story, Relationship/Connection.

What is happening in the background?
How is it being used? To set  context for your image, to frame the subject or to quietly disappear?
How are strong lines, colors, highlights and low lights in the scene being treated?
Is the composition/framing simple to read and understand instantly?

What is going on in the image?
Is it serious? Funny? Important? A heavy moment? A light moment?
Can I feel what the subject is feeling?
Does it make me ask questions about what they were doing/thinking or make up stories about what must have been going on?
What are the supporting elements in the image that lend credibility to the story?

Can I see what they feel for each other?
Does it make me want to be the person in the image?
Does it make me feel what they are feeling?
Does it resonate within me so much that it brings a smile to my face or a tear to my eye?
What do I learn about the subjects in this image based on their connection?
Thanks so much Tina! Members don’t forget to submit your best images here by August 16th.

Kristen the designer
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